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This blog was created so that I may have a place to put out
my ideas for stories, and artwork. It'll most likely contain sketches that I have no motivation to colour, and fics that I've started but can't seem to finish.

Back and alive with a New Obsession!

Exactly what the title says.
Just wanted to update this dusty old blog, once before I disappear for a couple of months again. lol

Rantings of a newly found anime and the nearly canon bl in it. eue;;;

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Byebye ;u;

School's started, ..well not really. Orientation week has started, and I've moved into my dorm. I probably won't be on anything as much because of.. well, frosh week. OTL Hopefully we'll all stay in touch, one way or another, yes? ;u;


Ahh.. Summer's half over. And I still haven't managed to accomplish anything wonderful. OTL

Yay~ Thoughts time. 8D TL; DR~

I can't believe that it's already been a year- and more- since I've introduced myself to the wonderful world of Rochu and first talked to the wonderful ringleaders of RoChu Squad. <-- Well,, I may be a little bit early regarding my introduction to the rochu squad.. but I'm not that off.. Maybe about a week or so. o3o;; It was like.. very early august...

Yes I remember random, rather pointless stuff... But I remember it was around this time of year when I first gathered enough courage to comment on all the RoChu Pervy Squad people's works on dA. ... I remember stuff when it involves traumatizing experiences. =3=;;
Not that you ladies in the 'Rochu Pervy Squad' were scary or intimidating.. it's just that you were..well, still are, so awesome I didn't feel worthy with my abysmal writing and drawing skills. =3=;; So yes. Those were pretty traumatizing experiences for me.

RoChu Squad MSN is practically dead now... OTL Hardly anyone talks anymore... ;_; I miss the old days when people would actually respond to a 'hello' ... D: I also miss the random RPs that go on in the convos... lol they were interesting to follow.

....I've been pretty busy surprisingly. if it's not one thing, it's another... I've been drowning myself in drawings and pictures as a way to keep myself busy so I won't dwell on things in RL that'll only make me even more depressed..

I took a break from drawing mindless RoChu for about a month.. and it actually really helped me in alot of ways- I was able to explore alot more things and revisit stuff I liked to do in the past.

And I realized just now how much I still have to do... o3o;; I still have like.. 5 birthday gifts to draw/finish. LOL Eh... Knowing me, I'll probbaly be late for Yunbi's birthday... D: I'll try not to be...but who knows... I've so much on my plate.. :\

Anyway.. that's my little rant.

'Til next time! Hopefully by then I can finally post up something R18. >u>;; Thatll be my goal for the summer. Put all my knowledge together to draw something that is R18 and has acceptable anatomy. ouo;;; LOL


It's hard drawing people kissing. o3o;;


Just kinda gave up... >A<

..Is there any point in me.. updating this blog..?


Hi there~
Most of the people who know of the existence of my blog already know me as Etii. :)



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